Top links of the week #2022-33

I used to be completely addicted to social link aggregators such as Hacker News and Reddit. In the beginning, they provided great value to me, letting me discover very interesting articles and learn new things.

But over the years, they turned into a harmful habit where I would check them as soon as I had a few minutes or even seconds of free time, thinking that I was learning interesting new things that would be very useful for my soon-to-come overnight success™, unlike these social media zombies.

But in reality, I was just playing the same slot machine and feeding my brain with shallow information.

This is why I want to introduce a new section to this blog where I will share with you my favorite websites, articles, videos, or audios of the week, so if you are hooked like I was, you may find a way to quit your social aggregators addiction once and for all.

Links of the week:

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