The Tyranny of Updates

This morning I woke up, and my smartphone told me that it was not available for use because it needed to install an update.

As a security-conscious nerd, I kindly accepted and let it do its stuff.

15 minutes later, it is usable again.

When arriving at my office, my computer asked to install an update.

Again, because I read so many scary stories about 0 days exploits, I accepted. This time the update is taking way more time. Too bad that I had already eaten my breakfast before. So I grab my e-reader and start reading for 30 minutes.

Now I can start working.

But my web browser wants to install an important security update. It seems very serious, so I can't ignore it.

As a developer, I launched my code editor, which too wanted to install an update. Fine, this one is fast.

It's already noon, and time for lunch.

I grabbed my phone, but my application for food delivery also needs to be updated. I don't know why actually, I never see any improvement...

After eating, we wanted to play funny games with colleagues, but the console decided that we couldn't play without updating it first.

I can finally start working on my Jira tickets.

The first ticket is to update the NPM dependencies of the web application I'm working on.

The second ticket is to update the dependencies of the server where the applications are hosted.

4 hours later, it's time to go back home.

But my electric scooter needs to finish its update before I can leave work.

I'm not sure if it's just me or if the world was simpler before...

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Tags: programming, philosophy

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