Technical Writer

90 days to write, publish and sell your first technical book

In Januray 2021, I started what I consider now as maybe the most rewarding journey of my life: writing a book.

From the first words to more than $80,000 in sales, today I'm sharing everything that I learned along the way and help you achieve the same.

Who can write a book

Writing a book is far from easy, but anyone can do it, really!

Today, you know things that you didn't know 1 year or 6 months ago. It means that there are thousands to millions of people who want to learn what you know now.

What you will learn


👉 What is a book, actually

👉 Why write a book? And more importantly, why NOT write a boook?

👉 Early-access or not?


👉 Why YOUR book? I help you to find your niche

👉 Which specific tools to use to write your technical book and create the illustrations

👉 The plan to write technical books that your readers will remember

👉 How to avoid the writer's block

👉 The editing process to review your manuscript and remove mistakes


👉 Why you want to self-publish your book (and avoid traditional publishers)

👉 Turning your manuscript into PDF, EPUB and Kindle (.mobi) files

👉 I give you the template that I'm using to publish my book

👉 Where to sell your book

👉 Pricing strategies

👉 The DMCA notice template to get your book removed from pirate platforms


👉 Your book is ready, great! Now it's time to sell it!

👉 Get the plan to write a landing page that convert visitors into customers

👉 Learn where to promote your book

👉 How to track the source of your sales