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When was the last time you felt really proud of your work?

In early 2021, I started what I consider now as maybe the most rewarding journey of my life: writing a book.

Writing a book is among those few things that, once done, make you really, really proud of yourself.

We all have different reasons to write a book, whether it be to share a unique perspective you have on technology, to become renowned in your field, or simply for money. But one thing is sure, almost all people who wrote a book would rate the experience as a 10/10.

From the first words to thousands of readers and more than $80,000 in sales, I'm going to share with you everything that I learned along the way and help you achieve the same or even more!

Who can write a book

The only prerequisite to writing a book is to be passionate (not necessarily an expert) about a topic.

Today, you know things that you didn't know 1 year or 6 months ago. It means that there are thousands to millions of people who want to learn what you learned along the way.


All these people are your potential readers: they want to learn what you already know or what you already achieved.

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What you will learn

I've designed this course to be as effective as possible to make you achieve results.

No blahblah. Only practical systems and tips that have proven their effectiveness in the real world.


👉 What is a book, actually.

👉 Why write a book? And more importantly, why NOT write a book?

👉 Early-access or not?


👉 Why YOUR book? I help you to find your niche.

👉 Which specific tools to use to write your technical book and create the illustrations.

👉 The plan to write technical books that your readers will remember.

👉 How to avoid the writer's block.

👉 The editing process to review your manuscript and remove mistakes.


👉 Why do you want to self-publish your book (and avoid traditional publishers).

👉 Turning your manuscript into PDF, EPUB and Kindle (.mobi) files.

👉 I give you the templates that I use to turn my manuscript into ebooks.

👉 Where to sell your book.

👉 Pricing strategies.

👉 The DMCA notice template to get your book removed from pirate platforms.


👉 Your book is ready, great! Now it's time to sell it!

👉 Get the plan to write a landing page that converts visitors into customers.

👉 Tips & Tricks to boost your sales.

👉 Learn where to promote your book.

👉 How to track the source of your sales.

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