My Public Projects

Phaser Security

How is My Business Exposed to Risk?

Phaser helps companies to identify and control their threats exposure by providing apps and infrastructures vulnerabilities scanners, code analysis, dependencies analysis and more…

Enter the continuous security era.

SaaS (Sylvain as a Service)

Some people said to me that I don’t give enought compliments.

Here it is an immortal version of me which will send you some compliments when you’ll need the most ❤



StreamX Cloud is the simplest to use, reliable, scalable foundation for stream messaging and event-driven computing systems.

It provides 3 types of message streams : Pub/Sub, Queue and Request/Reply (RPC).


A job (or task) Scheduler as a Service. You can see it as a modern replacement for CRON or a setTimeout/setInterval for distributed systems.

KIS Proxy

A hosted reverse proxy designed for modern infrastructures.


A food recommender service and interfaces that analyze data from sites like trip advisor and yelp and use machine learning to find the best little restaurants, with a focus on transparency.


A social network for cat lovers : locate, buy, sell or share picture of your cats 😺


A progressive web application for live disponibility of JCDecaux’s bike service.


A progressive web application which help to locate public toilets in the city of Paris.