My Public Projects

SaaS (Sylvain as a Service)

Some people said to me that I don’t give enought compliments.

Here it is an immortal version of me which will send you some compliments when you’ll need the most ❤



StreamX Cloud is the simplest to use, reliable, scalable foundation for stream messaging and event-driven computing systems.

It provides 3 types of message streams : Pub/Sub, Queue and Request/Reply (RPC).

KIS Security

A security Scanner as a Service : integrate security into your DevOps processes.

Scan your apps and inrfastructures for vulnerabilities, track your dependencies and more…


A job (or task) Scheduler as a Service. You can see it as a modern replacement for CRON or a setTimeout/setInterval for distributed systems.

KIS Proxy

A hosted reverse proxy designed for modern infrastructures.


A food recommender service and interfaces that analyze data from sites like trip advisor and yelp and use machine learning to find the best little restaurants, with a focus on transparency.


A social network for cat lovers : locate, buy, sell or share picture of your cats 😺


A progressive web application for live disponibility of JCDecaux’s bike service.


A progressive web application which help to locate public toilets in the city of Paris.