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Polyglot systems

Today’s advent of containers, orchestration technologies and services oriented architectures leads to the fact that we use more and more programming languages for the same application.

Thus programmers have to code in more than one programming language.

The problem is that each programming language have it’s own set of best practices, paradigms and popular frameworks which slows software developers to easily switch from one language to another one.

These (increasingly) polyglot environments create the need for a better polyglot developer experience.

This is why I would like to introduce the concept of polyglot framework.

Polyglot framework: a framework which provides the same set (or very similar) of APIs, and make the same trade-offs for different programming languages.

By creating polyglot frameworks we will enable programmers to create homogeneous polyglot systems, with a shared set of quality standards, abilities and performances.


Logging is hard but unavoidable thus I think one of the opportunity for polyglot frameworks to shine is logging.

This is why I started the Astro framework, an universal logging framework.

Astro’s goal is to provide a configurable and as fast as possible logging framework with the minimal API possile.

You can find the Go repo here:

and the JavaScrit one here:

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