Open Source Weekly #1

Hello world! Thank you for subscribing to Open Source Weekly. If you have any feedback, feel free to respond to this email or open a ticket on GitHub. Enjoy your reading :) Projects Mattermost (AGPL v3.0 or commercial) What Slack do with your chat data? You don’t know, and neither do I. Take back control of your group chats with Mattermost, an open source and efficient slack alternative that you can self-host.


While developing Bloom I realized how much I love open source. So I decided to share this passion with the world. Whether it be in software, in hardware, in education, in ecology, in science or in agriculture, open source have proved its superiority. However it’s very difficult to find interesting and quality content in this ocean: just GitHub had over 100M repositories in 2018 🤔 This is why I created the Open Source Weekly letter: the best projects, people and articles on open source, curated by hand.

Bloom December update: Native applications are coming

It’s been exactly 6 months since Bloom launched. 6 incredible months with a lot of sweat and some sleepless nights. But something even more incredible is coming during the next month: The launch of Bloom’s native applications, featuring among other things end to end encryption and offline support. The past few months First of all I want to apologize for the lack of public communication the past few months. Empowering people with open technologies requires a lot of cross domain competencies, whether it be finance, project management, marketing, software development, cryptography and so on…

What's next?

Thank you very much for the support! The past days were pretty intense and we really didn’t expect such traction. We sincerely apologize for the bugs and latencies: our systems were not scaled to handle the load (which in a sense is good news 😊). Here are some clarifications about the master plan and more details about the next steps. Clarifications How can we be sure the project won’t shutdown in a few weeks?

Bloom : un Google libre et open source

🇬🇧 English version here Il ne faut pas compter sur ceux qui ont créé les problèmes pour les résoudre. Des défis universels et inédits (Pourquoi ?) Open source, access, data… (Comment ?) Bloom : le master plan top secret (Quoi ?) En résumé TL;DR Pour faire face aux défis universels et inédits de notre siècle, nous avons créé un “Google” libre et open source (et sans publicité ni ciblage) : Bloom - aujourd’hui une suite d’applications de productivité, il y aura demain une application pour chacuns de vos besoins quotidiens.

Bloom: a free and open source Google

🇫🇷 Version française ici We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Universal and unprecedented challenges (Why?) Open source, access, data… (How?) Bloom: the top-secret master plan (What?) In summary TL;DR To bring an answer to the universal and unprecedented challenges of our century, we have created a free and open source ‘Google’ (and without advertising or targeting): Bloom - currently a suite of productivity apps but tomorrow the only ecosystem you will need to meet your daily needs.

The just cause and the infinite game

Bloom to fulfill this purpose. -- Start with Why The infinite game and the infinite players And before you ask, my just cause? Empowering the world with open technologies. I’ve created Bloom to fulfill this purpose.

Polyglot programming frameworks

Polyglot systems Astro Polyglot systems Today’s advent of containers, orchestration technologies and services oriented architectures leads to the fact that we use more and more programming languages for the same application. Thus programmers have to code in more than one programming language. The problem is that each programming language have it’s own set of best practices, paradigms and popular frameworks which slows software developers to easily switch from one language to another one.


Structured logging Interface Performance What to log Logs vs Metrics Implementation As the term log is ambigous, I want to clarify that we will talk about application logging. Logging is hard. I think logging is a critical piece of infrastructure. Chances are if you’re a software engineer, you’ll be staring at logs for half of your life, so it’s worth taking the time to discover the “perfect” logging solution.

Cut the bullshit

Cut the bullshit, get the shit done and don’t be afraid.

Introduction au reverse engineering - Android

Introduction APKOA Les outils GO GO GO Bingo ! Plus d’infos Introduction Le reverse engineering, c’est ( en gros ) comprendre le fonctionnement d’un dispositif, par une analyse en profondeur. Comprendre comment les concepteurs ont imaginé le système. Cela peut servir dans le cadre d’une séance de debugging d’un logiciel dont on a pas les sources, trouver des failles de sécurité ou, ce que l‘on va faire ici, modifier un programme ( dont on a pas les sources ) et ses fonctionnalités pour l’adapter à nos envies.