Continuous Learning - Beta

My simple system to turn information into actionable knowledge and thrive in the information age

How many tabs are open in your web browser right now?

Do you remember the important ideas from the last book that you read?

And of the last educational video that you did watch?

Every day our brain is submerged with information, and very few people know how to turn this information into actionable knowledge. Those who do are the winners of today's world: they can identify signal among the noise and use it to achieve their goals.

While more knowledge always allowed Humans to have the edge over their peers, it's even more true today where information is available to everyone thanks to the internet and cheap computing devices, but knowledge is reserved for those capable of filtering the signal among the noise.

On the other hand, the traditional education system is totally unsuitable
for our world, where it seems that it's okay to just stop learning new things after 25.

Knowledge over Time

This is what led me to develop my own system to continue to learn during my entire life. A system that is simple and actionable.

Continuous Knowledge over Time

And today I'm sharing this system with you.

What you will learn


👉 The current education system is broken. Here is why.

👉 What are diminishing returns, and how to use them to your advantage.

👉 Using spaced repetition to beat your own memory.

👉 Ahead of Time vs Just in Time learning.

The Knowledge Base

👉 Why and How to build a knowledge base.

👉 How to organize your knowledge for easy retrieval.

👉 What is the best tool to build your knowledge base.

👉 Spaced repetition in practice.

Knowledge Acquisition

👉 Choosing the right medium.

👉 Where to find good content.

👉 How to turn information into actionable knowledge.


👉 The future of knowledge bases.