Continuous Learning

The ultimate system to turn information into actionnable knowledge, and thrive in the information age

Internet, computers and smartphone made the amount of information avaiable to the average Human explode.

Podcasts, Videos, books, online course, blog posts, tweets... Some algorithms exist to curate this flow of data, but they

And this trend will not reverse.

But, most people consume content and hardly remember anything about it. Here are a few symptoms:

But, most people have a hard time learning new things. We learn during our school years,

Knowledge over Time

But even schools are highly inneficient.

This is what led me to develop my own system to continue to learn. A system with a an unique goal: Being able to learn

Continuous Knowledge over Time

And today I'm sharing this system with you.

What you will learn


Building a Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Assimilation Pipeline

Knowledge Sources

Who is this course for