Black Hat Rust updated for Rust 1.62 (and announcing the online course)

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A few months after its official launch, I'm extremely happy to announce that I released the biggest Black Hat Rust update so far: v2022.56.

The book has been updated for Rust 1.62, which means, among other things:

  • No longer use the nightly channel when the features are now available in stable (asm...)
  • Update all the dependencies to their current version
  • Use edition = "2021"
  • And many other smaller improvements

As usual, if you already purchased the book, you can send me an email to get the latest version.

But that's not all!

Black Hat Rust: The Online Course

Black Hat Rust is also now available as an online course as part of the premium membership of this website!

The course contains the exact same content as the ebook, and all updates made to the course will also be made available to the ebook readers. It's simply another medium to deliver knowledge that I think is a better fit than a book.

Why an online course? Read the dedicated post here.

You can find the list of all the other courses here.

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