Bitsquatting attacks and exploitation with Rust

I personally find bitsquatting attacks mind-blowing!

The idea is that computers suffer from memory errors where one or more bits are corrupted, they are different than their expected value. It can come from electromagnetic interference or cosmic rays (!).

This post is an excerpt from my book Black Hat Rust

A bit that is expected to be 0, may flips to 1, and vice versa.

Bit flip

In this example, if attackers control, they may receive originally destined for without any human error!

Here is a small program to generate all the "bitshifted" and valid alternatives of a given domain:

use std::env;

fn bitflip(charac: u8, pos: u8) -> u8 {
    let shiftval = 1 << pos;
    charac ^ shiftval

fn is_valid(charac: char) -> bool {
    charac.is_ascii_alphanumeric() || charac == '-'

fn main() {
    let args = env::args().collect::<Vec<String>>();
    if args.len() != 3 {
        println!("Usage: dnsquat domain .com");

    let name = args[1].to_lowercase();
    let tld = args[2].to_lowercase();

    for i in {
        let charac = name.as_bytes()[i];
        for bit in 0..8 {
            let bitflipped = bitflip(charac.into(), bit);
            if is_valid(bitflipped as char)
                && bitflipped.to_ascii_lowercase() != charac.to_ascii_lowercase()
                let mut bitsquatting_candidat = name.as_bytes()[..i].to_vec();
                bitsquatting_candidat.append(&mut name.as_bytes()[i + 1..].to_vec());

$ cargo run -- domain .com
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