while traveling
Hi !
Sylvain Kerkour (a.k.a z0mbie42 or YAZ - YetAnotherZombie - )

You can contact me on twitter @sylvain_kerkour Or using the links in the side menu.

Explo(r | it)ing boundaries.

I travel to work from anywhere, bootstrap companies and only own what fits in my two backpacks. (You can read more about this here.)

Here are the disciplines in which I invest my time and energy to make the world a better place :

  • Energies
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Food

I’m also interested about :

  • Education
  • Sports (particulary endurance and combat sports)
  • Lockpicking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Transportation
  • Neurosciences
  • Innovation
  • Business
  • Politic
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Art
  • Design