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Hey! I'm Sylvain Kerkour 🙋‍♂️

I cut my teeth on rugby fields, boxing rings, MMA tatamis and at 42.

Since 2017 I build software and sell it myself. It’s what I call software craftsmanship: the art of crafting software and making a living off it, without having a boss.

I highly value simplicity and getting things done.

I’m also into minimalism, nomadism, hacking, bookworming and various outdoor activities like hiking, biking and long distance running (marathon+).

I share everything I learn from real-world experience on this blog :)

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Contact & Social 🐣

I’m not active on social networks because they are too noisy and time sucking, by design.

That being said, you can contact me by sending a message on one of the following channels:

And I’m also on GitHub: skerkour

Projects 🚀

Want to learn Rust and offensive security? Take a look at my book Black Hat Rust. All early-access supporters get a special discount and awesome bonuses:
Warning: this offer is limited in time!

And also:

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