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Hey! I'm Sylvain Kerkour 🙋‍♂️

While technology has enabled an unprecedented quality of life, we are slowly realizing that it also has its limits and that it can make our life miserable. Screen addiction, sedentarism, centralization of power, endless streams of notifications, overstimulation, extreme polarization...

There is an asymmetry between the goals of the industry - unlimited growth, which requires us to become their slaves - and what is good for us. What if, instead of spending your days mindlessly scrolling, you could use technology to your advantage to build the life you always dreamed of.

On this blog, I share with you everything I learned along the way of taking back control of my life (ab)using technology:

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I'm not active on social networks because they are too noisy and time sucking, by design.

That being said, you can send me an email: Javascript required

And I'm also on GitHub: skerkour

Please don't take it personally if I take time to reply, I may be somewhere without internet access or in the middle of a deep work session.

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Want to learn Rust, cryptography and offensive security? Get my book Black Hat Rust!

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