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Hey! I'm Sylvain Kerkour 👋

After some time spent attacking and breaking (into) things, I'm now helping organizations and teams to build scalable and secure software projects.

I share on my blog lessons learned the hard way:

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Entrepreneurship & Productivity

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Contact & Social 🐣

I'm not active on social networks because they are too noisy and time sucking, by design.

To contact me, please visit the contact page

That begin said, I'm on GitHub: skerkour

AI Policy 🤖

This website and its content is mostly Artifial Intelligence (AI) free. As a non-native English writer, I may occasionally use it to correct the grammar of my writings.

I DO NOT allow any AI system to be trained on my content / data.

I reserve myself the right to hack and / or poison any system violating this policy.

Want to learn Rust, cryptography and offensive security? Get my book Black Hat Rust!